Warning Signs of Tonge-Tie in Infants

When a baby has a tongue-tie, it might hinder them from receiving the proper nourishment, and it can cause developmental issues. If this treatment is skipped, your child may develop airway difficulties that require a more sophisticated myofunctional surgery to correct. Approximately 4% to 11% of babies and infants may have tongue-tie. Up to 25% […]

How to Help Your Child Recover from Tongue-Tie Surgery

The length of healing and recovery time following tongue-tie surgery will be determined on the type of tongue tied your infant has and the intricacy of the procedure. You must follow these aftercare guidelines numerous times per day, regardless of the treatment, to prevent the frenulum from regrowing in a restricted way. What Can You […]

Five Common Myths About Tongue Ties

Tongue-tie, also known as Ankyloglossia, is a disorder in which a newborn is born with their tongue linked to their mouth, limiting tongue motions necessary for speaking, drinking, swallowing, jaw development, and feeding. Tongue-tie is often neglected, misdiagnosed, and dismissed by many healthcare experts, and individuals are prone to believe these beliefs when they are […]


The palate is the mouth’s roof. It is the membrane that divides the oral cavity from the nasal cavity. The front of the palate is bony (hard palate), whereas the rear is muscular (soft palate). Know about Tongue Tie Treatment. What are the Two Types of Palate The palate is divided into two sections: the […]

Frenulum of Tongue

A little fold of mucous tissue that runs from the floor of the mouth to the midline of the underside of the tongue is known as the frenulum of tongue (tongue web). Its purpose is to stabilize the tongue’s motions and aid in securing the tooth in the mouth. The tongue frenulum is sometimes referred […]

Anchorage Definition

With the right anchorage, you can withstand and even overcome the force of an externally imposed load. There are various techniques to anchor teeth in orthodontics, and each strategy has its own pros and downsides. Orthodontists commonly apply the principle of anchorage when treating malocclusions. What is the Importance of Anchorage in Orthodontics? Anchorage assists […]

Dental Notation Meaning

When discussing or writing about teeth, dentists employ a notation that is referred to as “dental notation,” which is also referred to as the “ANSI/ADA/ISO Tooth Numbering System.” It is a method for depicting in an image the number of teeth that a person possesses as well as the configuration of those teeth. How Many […]

What is meant by Oral Cavity?

A person’s oral cavity includes their mouth as well as their cheeks, lips, and gums, as well as their tongue and the space behind it, as well as any space between their wisdom teeth and the roof of their mouth. The salivary glands provide saliva to the teeth and tongue. Where is the Oral Cavity […]

What is a Dental Adjunctive Procedure?

A dental adjunctive procedure is a treatment that is done before, during, or after a dental procedure to make sure it goes well. It is also called an ancillary, supplementary, additional, or subsidiary dental procedure. Who needs an Adjunctive dental procedure? In some cases, additional surgery may be needed to make sure that there is enough healthy […]