What is the Definition of Amalgam?

Fillings like amalgam and silver are used to fix holes and gaps in teeth caused by tooth decay. In the amalgam, there may be liquid mercury, powdered alloy, and maybe even silver, tin, and copper. Because it is flexible, dental amalgam is often used to fix decayed teeth. Is Amalgam Safe in Dentistry? Dental amalgam […]

Bicuspid Tooth Definition

Permanent bicuspid teeth are situated in the space created between the cuspids (canine teeth) and the molars (molars). Because they erupt in the mouth before to the molars, bicuspid teeth are often referred to as “premolar teeth.” Two points, or cusps, protrude from the crown of a bicuspid tooth. The use of the prefix “bi” […]

Anterior Teeth

The twelve teeth that are located at the front of the mouth are called the anterior teeth. These teeth are often referred to as the “front teeth.” These teeth are made up of the cuspid, mandibular, and maxillary incisors, in addition to the lateral incisors. The anterior teeth are responsible for the principal function of […]

Dental Alloy Meaning

A dental alloy is a metal alloy that combines the best properties of two or more metals for specific uses in dentistry. It is mostly used for casting copings, frames, restorations, and other applications. What is Dental Alloy Made Of? The majority of dental alloys are composed of tin, silver, and copper and zinc in […]

Sedation and Pediatric Dentistry

Dental sedation is used to reduce your child’s anxiety and discomfort when completing the necessary dental treatment. There are a few things we would like you to know about this process to help you make an informed decision. How Safe is Sedation Dentistry for Children One of the biggest concerns for parents is whether sedation […]

Discover the Answers to Your Questions About Brushing Teeth

Brushing your teeth and gums daily is the most critical step you can take to preserve healthy teeth and gums. As straightforward as brushing our teeth may appear, very few of us do so thoroughly as we should. It is crucial to brush regularly or you will regret losing out on the oral health benefits […]

What is The Difference Between Invisalign and Direct to Consumer Aligners

Despite the fact that they are both transparent aligners, these two devices are extremely different. Examine the differences between Invisalign and Direct to Consumer Aligners to choose which is best for you. How Effective is Invisalign Vs Direct to Consumer Aligners Invisalign and Direct to Consumer Aligners are both forms of transparent aligners used to […]

Help Make Your Kids Floss Everyday

As grownups, we know how crucial regular flossing is in addition to brushing our teeth every day. This is also critical for the well-being of our children. Trying to instill the habit of flossing in youngsters is just as important as educating them to brush their teeth, as brushing alone does not eliminate dental plaque […]

Pick the best colors for your braces bands

Choosing a color for your braces can be challenging at times because, if you choose the wrong color, you will wind up wearing a hue that does not match your mood, personality, or style, which can be embarrassing. The majority of people are unable to choose the proper color for their braces, primarily due to […]

Correcting Overbites with Invisalign

A malocclusion in which the upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth is known as an overbite. It is the most common dental problem, accounting for more than 70% of all dental problems and resulting in an uneven and unnatural smile. We’re here to help you figure out if clear aligners like Invisalign can […]