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Bicuspid Tooth Definition

Permanent bicuspid teeth are situated in the space created between the cuspids (canine teeth) and the molars (molars). Because they erupt in the mouth before to the molars, bicuspid teeth are often referred to as “premolar teeth.” Two points, or cusps, protrude from the crown of a bicuspid tooth. The use of the prefix “bi” […]

Anterior Teeth

The twelve teeth that are located at the front of the mouth are called the anterior teeth. These teeth are often referred to as the “front teeth.” These teeth are made up of the cuspid, mandibular, and maxillary incisors, in addition to the lateral incisors. The anterior teeth are responsible for the principal function of […]

Dental Alloy Meaning

A dental alloy is a metal alloy that combines the best properties of two or more metals for specific uses in dentistry. It is mostly used for casting copings, frames, restorations, and other applications. What is Dental Alloy Made Of? The majority of dental alloys are composed of tin, silver, and copper and zinc in […]