We use the latest dental technology in dentistry as well as patient scheduling technologies through sms text and online calendars. Here are all of our technology



Itero intraoral scanner is an innovative computer imaging technology used to scan your teeth digitally and provide a simulated outcome of your orthodontic treatment and bite alignment. The scanners produce quick, colorized and more detailed images that patients can easily understand. The digital scans help professionals create accurate physical dental models. They can also help in diagnosis of the problem to help develop the best treatment plan.


IntraOral Camera

An intraoral camera is a powerful and necessary tool in dentistry that enables the dentist to show to the patient an enlarged image of an individual tooth or entire teeth in a computer screen. The camera is located at the tip of the want which transmits real time video for the patient and dentist to review.


Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography (digital x-rays) uses electronic sensors instead of traditional x-ray film to capture x-ray images. The images are stored directly on the computer. Digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure by up to 90 percent compared to traditional x-rays. The dentist can easily view and enlarge images allowing them to detect problems easier and point it out to the patients. Additionally, digital x-rays do not require film processing.




Hidden behind the teeth, InBraces gently corrects the alignment of the teeth using a revolutionary SmartWire system. It delivers light, continuous forces to the teeth in all dimensions starting on the first day the braces are installed. Thanks to advanced computer modeling and AI, the teeth move efficiently and do not need to apply as much force as traditional braces to move teeth.




KLOwen custom braces system uses the most advanced technologies and custom orthodontic appliances to develop a solution that places ideally-shaped brackets in each tooth. The brackets, with the use of 3D-printed Indirect Bonding (IDB) trays, are bonded accurately according to the software; therefore,  customization is quick and easy. The system also allows the wires to be completely expressed; therefore, greatly reducing wire-bending or bracket repositioning.




nullLightScalpel CO2 laser is a device that emits highly focused CO2 laser beams that vaporizes, sterilizes, and seals the blood vessels at the same time. Traditional oral frenectomy surgery using scalpel or scissors can bruise or scar the tissue. LightScalpel only uses intense beams of laser light to interact with the tissue which minimizes the risks of infection and blood loss and also stimulates bio-regeneration and healing. Because of this, there is very little discomfort with the laser, and has almost no bleeding from the laser procedure. Lasers sterilize at a touch; thus, less risk of infection.



Opalescence teeth whitening system is a revolutionary system that will remove stains from discolored teeth. The teeth whitening gel consists of a safe and potent bleaching agent that when applied to teeth, releases hydrogen peroxide that penetrates beneath the outer enamel layer of the teeth and dissolves tea, coffee, and tobacco stains.


3D Printing

Dentists have relied on dental laboratories to produce bridges, crowns, and bridges for many years, adding to the cost and waiting time for both the patient and the dentist. Thanks to 3D printing, this will no longer be a problem. Our office uses Sprint Ray Pro 95 that seamlessly integrates with our intra oral scanners and dental CAD software with our 3D printing technology. With Sprint Ray dentists no longer use impression trays and plaster models.