What is the Definition of Amalgam?

Fillings like amalgam and silver are used to fix holes and gaps in teeth caused by tooth decay. In the amalgam, there may be liquid mercury, powdered alloy, and maybe even silver, tin, and copper. Because it is flexible, dental amalgam is often used to fix decayed teeth.

Is Amalgam Safe in Dentistry?

Dental amalgam is safe. Even though there have been debates about dental amalgam, the FDA has said that Amalgam fillings are safe for adults and children over the age of six.

Why is Mercury Used in Amalgam?

Mercury holds the pieces of the alloy together to make amalgam, which is a strong, solid filler. Mercury is an important part of amalgam fillings and helps make dental restorations last longer because of its unique properties. About half of the mercury in amalgam fillings is made up of a powdered mixture of tin, copper, and silver.

Are There Alternatives To Amalgam?

Dentists can also fix teeth with porcelain, composite resin, glass ionomer, and resin ionomer, among other things.

What is more to Know About Cavities other than Amalgam?

Cavities can be filled with things other than amalgam, like porcelain, Composite, and others.


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