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Teenagers and adults often don't like orthodontic treatment because traditional metal braces don't look good, they are distracting and it makes them look childish. Lingual braces can provide the same procedure as conventional orthodontics such as Clear braces adult have in a manner that is undetectable by placing the brackets and wires at the back of the teeth instead of the front. Dr. T.C. Hardy can help to achieve a straight and beautiful smile less conspicuously. Make an appointment if you're near Lakewood, CO.

What are Lingual Braces?

Like traditional braces, hidden braces consist of brackets, bands and an archwire that put tension on the teeth to gradually move them into the proper position. They are placed on the back of the teeth, facing the tongue. This makes them virtually invisible and is the main reason for their appeal. They are ideal for those who play a wind instrument or a sport. Not all orthodontists offer this treatment as it requires additional education and training. Contact us now if you have questions or visit our nearby office today.

How does InBrace Lingual Braces work?

We use InBrace from Swift Health Systems Inc.

Lingual braces work similarly to conventional braces that are worn on the front surface of the teeth such as Dental braces teens. However, the placement of lingual braces is on the inside part of the teeth which may create complications to the orthodontist and the patient. One obvious complication is that there won't be enough space between the upper and lower sets of teeth to support the braces. Custom-made brackets are prepared via CAD/CAM. Read on for more of what is involved in this procedure:

  • Clinical Evaluation – before deciding if these braces are a compatible treatment for you, our expert dentists will perform a detailed examination of your teeth and evaluate the misalignment of your teeth so they can create a customized plan for you.
  • Making Impressions of your Teeth - Before making impressions of your teeth, we will clean your teeth thoroughly. Then, we'll use a special scanner to record 3D impressions of your upper and lower teeth.
  • Cast and set-up - The lab technician will produce a cast based on these impressions and modify it according to specs and special instructions by the dentist. The set-up is a physical mock-up of your teeth when in perfect alignment.
  • Fabrication of Treatment Plan -The mock-up dimensions are digitized in 3-D using special software then fed to the computer. A Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software is used to design brackets that are made for your teeth. Brackets for each tooth are custom-designed separately.
  • Production - A computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software (computer-aided machining) in the computer uses this design data to produce the brackets using numerically controlled(NC) milling machines. Robotic bending is used, again under computer control, to prepare the archwire.
  • The applicator tray- The fabricated brackets are embedded to an applicator tray, a stent that should fit over your teeth perfectly and hold the brackets in exact alignment for the dentist to perform the bonding procedure. This hardware is sent to the dentist. Attachment of the brackets onto the teeth is done in the next appointment, and it involves the following steps:
  • Teeth preparation - The teeth are thoroughly cleaned and roughened to permit better bonding.
  • Cement application - A cement is applied over brackets in the applicator tray.
  • Bonding - The applicator tray is pressed precisely against the teeth and all the brackets of the jaw (either upper jaw or the lower jaw) are bonded simultaneously.
  • Removal of the tray - Once the cement has cured, the dentist will break away the tray leaving the brackets firmly attached to the teeth. Excess bonding can be scraped away.
  • The archwire - The archwire can then be placed. Ligatures are not needed.

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Lingual Braces length of treatment

We offer InBrace, the latest technology in aesthetic orthodontics. InBrace uses 3D digital scans to create a digital replica of your teeth, then virtually repositions them to recreate your new perfect smile. A smartwire, similar to an arch wire used in other types of braces, is programmed to your specific smile and attached to the back of your teeth using custom designed hidden brackets. Smartwire braces use gentleforce technology to move teeth into the desired position, using less force than traditional braces or aligners. A light continuous force is applied, which results in healthy tooth movement, keeping your gums and teeth healthy during the treatment. It is suited for mild or moderate cases of spacing, crowded teeth, open bite and deep bites. With these behind the teeth braces you can brush, floss, and eat with comfort and confidence.

Are hidden braces affordable? Come and see us if you're near Lakewood Colorado for a consultation.

What orthodontic problems can Hidden Braces treat?


Does dental insurance cover lingual braces?

Yes. Most dental insurance plans can cover some of the costs of lingual braces. Make sure to contact your insurance provider for the details of your dental coverage.

Do invisible braces take longer?

Most people will wear lingual braces for two or more years before they can see the desired results. The time to wear lingual braces is generally the same as traditional braces.

Are they more painful?

Some patients experience pain in the tongue and gum region for the first few weeks. Patents are more likely to experience pain in the tongue with lingual braces compared to traditional braces.


Affordable Lingual Braces Near Me

Hardy Orthodontics offers lingual braces for adults and teens to achieve straighter, more beautiful teeth. Schedule an appointment if you're near Lakewood, CO or around the area and find out what your options are for getting a healthy, even smile.


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