What You Need To Know About Crossbite

A crossbite is prevalent in children, and it typically does not cure themselves as they get older. Misalignment may develop in the front teeth, the back teeth, or both. If this malocclusion is not addressed promptly, the consequences might be severe. The way the teeth connect as the upper and lower jaws come together is referred to as occlusion. Clear braces crossbite can be completely corrected with clear aligners.

What Causes Crossbite? | Types of Cross bites | What issues do Crossbites cause? | How to Treat Crossbite Teeth | Crossbite Vs Underbite

What Causes Crossbite?

When the mouth is closed, a crossbite develops when the upper jaw is excessively thin and rests inside the lower jaw. A crossbite may manifest itself in a variety of ways, all of which can be addressed by an orthodontist. This might not only make you self-conscious about your smile, but it can also make eating unpleasant. It may potentially lead to more serious disorders like Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD). TMD may cause discomfort and jaw joint problems in the muscles that govern jaw movement. Hardy Orthodontics will help you identify the root cause of the problem and prevent TMD. More about invisalign to treat crossbite and spacing.

Types of Crossbite

In dentistry, there are two forms of crossbite: anterior and posterior. An anterior crossbite occurs when the front tooth or teeth rest within the lower jaw. The back of the jaw is affected by posterior crossbite. Posterior crossbites are more prevalent, occurring in 16% of children, while anterior crossbites occur in 4–5% of children. Learn how can lingual braces fix cross bite.

What Issues Do Crossbite Cause?

Genetics is the most prevalent cause of crossbite in children. It is an inherited ailment that the father, mother, or direct family members may have known or unknown about. Thumb sucking, extended use of a pacifier, nail biting, or the delayed loss of a primary tooth or teeth are all reasons of crossbite. This disease may also be caused by enlarged tonsils or adenoids.Dr. Timothy Hardy can help to identify the cause of your crossbite and suggest what can be done about it.


When you have a misaligned bite, you are more likely to have dental disorders, bruxism, health problems, open bite malocclusion, and psychological problems. Misaligned biting may cause tooth decay, gum disease, and tension on the jaw muscles, which can lead to persistent jaw disorders, neck, shoulder, and back discomfort.

Early identification and correction of this issue is critical since it allows for the recognition and cessation of the habit, so preventing future dental and skeletal damage. Because no medicine can cure this issue, if it is not addressed before it worsens, it will need orthognathic surgery (one of several medical specialties) to repair it.

How To Treat A Crossbite

When the patient is a child or adolescent, this form of malocclusion is best corrected. There are therapies available for adults, but the time it takes to correct is greater than for younger patients. The American Dental Association (ADA) states that the medical practitioner must ensure that the space for movement of the tooth in a crossbite is appropriate and that the bite may be opened to permit movement. In order to treat the issue, the patient must additionally wear an orthodontic device. Read about crossbite braces treatment.

Maxillary Expander

The orthodontist inserts a device on the top teeth that is put on the palate. Using a particular key on the gadget, the technology progressively opens the upper palate. This gadget works best in children whose palates are still developing. tongue thrust.

Removable Expander

Adults utilize this equipment to broaden the upper palate a few changes at a time. It is often worn at night until the desired effect is obtained.

Braces Treatment

Getting braces is a long-term treatment for all types of bite problems, not only crossbite. Dental braces are used as appliances to adjust the placement of the teeth and jaw in this treatment. Following the completion of braces treatment, a retainer (orthodontics) is used to keep the teeth in the proper position.

Surgical Method

After the patient wears a custom-made gadget, the surgeon will purposefully shatter the jaw bones in various places. Surgery provides for a more extensive extension than palate expanders can give.

Crossbite Vs Underbite

When you shut your mouth, your teeth do not line up correctly, resulting in a crossbite. The teeth of a crossbite are usually broader and sit on the outside of your bottom teeth. More about overbite.

An underbite is a form of malocclusion in which your bottom teeth protrude more than your top teeth. This frequently develops in Class III malocclusion, or jaw misalignment.

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