What To Expect When First Getting Braces

Published on December 23, 2020, Updated on January 25, 2022

Now that you’ve decided to get braces, the thought of visiting your dental professional for that treatment can be intimidating at first, but knowing what to expect can help take your worries and anxieties away. Here are some things you can expect when getting clear braces:

It is a painless treatment.

Expect that you won’t feel pain or discomfort after your braces have been installed.


Expect to hurt after it has been installed.

The pain will start once the anesthesia wears off. You’ll experience mild pain that will last for several days. The pain can also occur after re-adjustment. You can get rid of the pain by taking over-the-counter pain relievers.


You’ll be sore on the lips and gums for the first few days.

This is because your mouth is still getting used to the wires and brackets. You can alleviate the pain and soreness by doing a saltwater rinse. You can also apply dental wax to prevent your mouth from getting irritated.


It will feel loose. Your teeth will feel loose but don’t worry because it is a normal occurrence as the teeth are being shifted into its target position.

These will need to be loose in order to move. When the teeth are seated in the right position and the braces are gone, your teeth will feel sturdy again.


You’ll be on a restricted diet.

During the first few days after the treatment, you’ll be restricted to a soft food diet only. We recommend only eating cheese, mashed potatoes, yogurt or any type of soft foods. You can eat sandwiches, but these are sticky and may be difficult to chew.


Stay away from foods that could get stuck to the braces easily like popcorn, caramel, and soft candies.

Hard foods like carrots and nuts should be avoided because it could destroy it.


Expect to see your orthodontist frequently.

When your braces are applied to your teeth expect to see your orthodontist every eight to ten weeks for adjustments and so that they can detect any underlying issues early before it becomes a problem that can affect the result of your treatment.

During your dental visits, ask anything that concerns you. Also, make sure to stock up on supplies such as dental wax, cleaning tools, rubber bands, etc. You can also replace your ligatures for your clear braces for teeth particularly if it has already discolored.


You can still perform normal activities.

One common misconception is when they have their braces, they cannot perform activities such as playing sports or blowing a musical instrument. However, it is still possible to engage yourself in sports, just make sure to wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth. If you play wind musical instruments, it will take some time for you to get used to having braces in your mouth.


You’ll be wearing it for one to two years.

The standard treatment time for braces is two years. If the treatment is not that complex, expect the treatment to be faster. If it is a complex case, then you’ll be wearing it for more than two years. For Invisalign Aligners , how long you’ll be wearing it depends on how often you wear it.


You’ll love the results. You’ll be confident, and you’ll love your new look once your orthodontist takes these braces off. You’ll look years younger.


Learn more about different parts that braces are made up of.


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