Getting Braces Put On: What To Expect On The Big Day

Getting braces is the first step to achieving straighter teeth. There’s nothing to be scared about getting the braces put on, and it shouldn’t be a daunting experience especially if you know what to expect.

In this article, we’ll help you understand how the dental braces process works, and what to expect on the day you have your braces installed.

During the Appointment

The appointment begins with the orthodontist cleaning your teeth. When done, they will apply dental glue on the front portion of your teeth. starts with the orthodontist cleaning your teeth. Once done, they will apply a dental glue on the front of your teeth. The brackets are placed secured in place using that glue. When the glue is dry, the wire will be passed through each bracket. After that, your orthodontist will attach rubber bands to keep the wires in place. The process of installing braces can last for two or more hours depending on the severity of the teeth. During this time, you can choose to have transparent dental braces, if you want. Compared to metal braces, the cost for clear braces is higher.

Before Leaving the Office

These useful tips can save you from unplanned visits to your orthodontist. This also ensures that your braces are dialed before leaving the office.

  • Check using your fingers if the archwires are poking in any areas of your mouth.
  • Ask your orthodontist when your next appointment. This will ensure that you can allocate the tie for your next appointment.
  • Ask your orthodontist the things you need to do in between appointments. Do you need teeth adjustments? Do you need to wear headgear? Do you need to have elastic bands?
  • If you have questions about your braces, how to perform oral hygiene with braces, diet restrictions, or any information you need to know, ask them all out before you leave.
  • Make sure to refill your supplies of elastics, wax, cleaning aids, or any other things you’ll need.

When You Get Home

Getting braces put on your teeth is not a painful process, but expect that your mouth will be sore when you get home. The soreness will last for a few days. Here’s what you can do to alleviate discomfort and soreness.

  • Use oral anesthetic gel on the sore area to relieve the soreness.
  • Apply dental wax to the area that is causing pain. Your orthodontist will supply you with a dental wax before you leave the office.

How Long Will It Take to Get Used to My Braces?

It will only take several months for you to get used to the dental appliances in your mouth. Take note that it is not unusual for the teeth to hurt from time to time. If you do experience pain, treat it with over-the-counter pain relievers.


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