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Lingual braces have similar benefits and functionality to traditional braces in correcting the teeth' alignment, closing the gaps, or any other bite corrections except for the brackets and wires being installed at the back of your teeth. This makes this treatment virtually invisible, and it works to straighten your teeth without showing the wires and brackets.

Straightening Your Smile with Discreet Braces in Littleton, Colorado

What are Lingual Braces?

Braces have been the only solution to straighten and close the gaps in the teeth. These are also commonly used to correct the problems of cross-bite, overbite, and even underbite of the upper or lower jaw.

Lingual braces are similar to the traditional method in many ways. What makes it different is the archwire, ligatures, and brackets are worn tongue-side of the teeth. These make it less conspicuous to wear than traditional metal braces, and that is why it is a popular treatment for teens and adults.

How do Invisible Braces work?

How lingual braces work is similar to how traditional braces work. However, the placement of the brackets and wires is on the teeth' lingual side, which can be a chore for orthodontists and can have various issues to the patient wearing it. One complication is that there is not enough space for the upper and lower sets to accommodate the braces. Custom-made brackets are prepared by CAM/CAD software after the dentist takes digital images and impressions of the teeth. Orthodontics for Adults.


Length of treatment

The length of the treatment can vary, and this usually depends on the patient's case. A typical lingual braces treatment can take from one to three years. After the teeth are re-aligned and done correctly, they will be given a fixed or removable retainer that the patient will wear for several months so that the teeth won't return to its original position.


Pros and Cons

Lingual braces have advantages over other types of dental appliances. They also have their limitations. Below is a brief discussion about its pros and cons, which can help you decide if it is a more affordable and convenient treatment.



  • The most significant advantage of this type of treatment is it is invisible when you smile. Only when people get a closer look at their teeth is when the brackets and wires are visible.
  • Clear, plastic aligners have a distinct plastic look to it, which makes your smile look artificial.
  • The position of the braces gives the dentist better control of the teeth's movement.



  • Since the braces are positioned at the back of the teeth, it can usually come in contact with the tongue and may cause to get irritated. This irritation can generally lead to pain when swallowing or speaking. It can also restrict the movement of the tongue.
  • The tongue needs to touch against the teeth to produce certain sounds. With the brackets placed where the tongue used to touch, you may not be able to produce certain sounds properly, at least initially.
  • Unlike traditional braces, it takes more time to get used to than traditional braces.
  • Placing the braces at the back of the teeth requires particular skill as visibility is very limited. Not all can perform such treatment as it requires specialized training.
  • Unlike traditional braces, it takes more time to get used to than traditional braces.


  • Effectively correct most bite shift problems

  • Does not irritate gums & cheeks

  • Invisible - does not show

  • Customized for you

  • Advanced Technology Affordable Treatment

Lingual braces cost Littleton

The cost of lingual braces in can depend on the location and expertise of the dentist. But in general, the cost of this treatment is higher compared to traditional metallic braces or even Invisalign. It is the most expensive form of therapy available to straighten teeth.

At Hardy Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we are happy to see our patients smile confidently by having straighter teeth. Our benefits coordinator will be glad to assist you in making sure the benefits of your insurance are maximized. We also have flexible payment options and even have our in-house zero-interest financing options. In addition to lingual braces, we also have other treatments to keep our patients in excellent health—proudly serving neighbors in Colorado and Lingual Braces in Littleton.

How much do Lingual Braces Cost in Littleton, Colorado?

Cost for Lingual braces in Littleton, Colorado will range from $8,000 to $10,000. On average, Lingual Braces costs slightly higher than Invisalign or clear braces. Insurance may pay up to $1500 for Lingual hidden braces that are put on inside of the teeth. Read Financing & Insurance.

InBrace Braces to straignten teeth in Littleton, Colorado

Allow us to take care of your dental health needs at our office and provide you with a set of comfortable, but durable lingual braces. If you have questions or concerns regarding the best dental options treatment and price, Schedule an appointment today.

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FAQ for Hidden Brackets Braces for Littleton

Are lingual braces more expensive at your office in Littleton?

Lingual braces cost more than traditional braces because it is an entirely custom solution that has been made in a dental laboratory to fit a patient's teeth perfectly.

Are lingual braces more painful - Littleton?

Many patients have experienced gum and tongue pain for the first few weeks. Patients are more likely to experience the pain in the tongue compared to patients wearing metal braces.

Does dental insurance cover lingual braces in Littleton?

Yes. Some dental insurance plans can cover some of the costs of lingual braces. Be sure to contact your dental plan provider for the details of your coverage.

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