Frenectomy surgery in Wheat Ridge

Frenectomy Wheat Ridge

What is a Wheat Ridge tongue tie or lip tie?

When your baby has a lip tie, the piece of tissue (maxillary labial frenulum or lip frenulum) connecting the upper lip to the upper gums prevents the mouth's mobility because it is either too thick, too tight, or both while a tongue-tie is a condition wherein it has an unusually small or tight band of tissue tethers the bottom of tongue's tip to the bottom of the mouth. The excess tissue restricts the movement of the lip or the tongue to several degrees, causing moderate to severe effects.

A severe tongue tie or lip tie can interfere with the baby's breastfeeding and it can also affect the way the child eats, speaks, and swallows. Restrictive Lingual Frenulum can also affect the jaw and dental development, breathing, and digestion. Tongue ties and/or lip ties are often associated with reflux, which can cause significant pain for the infant. When restricted mobility affects bottle-feeding, nursing, or causes discomfort to the mother and the child, a laser frenectomy Wheat Ridge (removal of frenulum) may be recommended.

What are the Advantages of Laser Frenectomy in Wheat Ridge?

Tongue tie frenectomy for Golden communityMinimal pain. Wheat Ridge Frenectomy laser (Lip or Tongue) treatment eliminates the need for anesthesia. There's also minimal swelling and bleeding. With soft tissue laser treatments, the laser seals the blood vessels, which encourages immediate blood clotting.

No need to stitch. Because of cauterization caused by the heat of laser treatment, stitches may no longer be needed.

Reduces infection. The area that the laser touches is immediately sterilized.

Precision. The pinpoint accuracy of the laser allows limiting the trauma to the treated area. This prevents the surrounding tissue from unintentional damage.

Faster healing. With decreased bleeding, trauma, and risk of infection, the healing and regeneration time is faster compared to traditional treatment.

Is there a Tongue tie correction in Wheat Ridge?

Our expert, Dr. Nam Hardy, uses a state-of-the-art laser to remove the tissue safely and quickly and is certified by The Academy of Laser Dentistry to perform Wheat Ridge frenectomy treatments. If you want to know more about Wheat Ridge laser dentistry for tongue tie, Call us our today!


Is there a Lip tie correction in Wheat Ridge community?

Yes, there is. Lip tie correction can be safely and painlessly done with Wheat Ridge laser dentistry. Our expert, Dr. Nam Hardy, uses cutting-edge laser technology to quickly and precisely remove the tissue and correct lip tie for our Wheat Ridge neighbors. Wheat Ridge laser lip tie correction promotes quick healing and reduces infection as well as discomfort.

Is there a dental office that provides Frenectomy near Wheat Ridge?

We at Hardy Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics will treat your child's lip tie or tongue tie through a minimally-invasive procedure: Wheat Ridge Frenectomy or laser dentistry. Your baby will be able to breastfeed immediately after the tie is treated. Schedule an appointment or give us a call today!

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