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Dr. Timothy Hardy's Philosophy

Dedication to lifelong oral health and wellness start with how we look into our dental treatment - this starts during our very first visit to the dental office. How your child perceives their oral can help them shape how they see dental professionals until they grow old. That is why at Hardy Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, Dr. Timothy Hardy is dedicated to making the first dental visit fun, enjoyable while at the same time being informative to kids. What Dr. Timothy Hardy wants to promote compassion, safety, and open communication to the parents and family members involved in their dental care. Her entire team dedicates themselves in providing a positive impression and a fear-free attitude with regards to their oral health that will assist in developing a strong foundation to their oral health that can last for years to come.

What to Expect at Your First Dental Visit

The first dental visit is about getting to know Dr. Timothy Hardy and becoming familiar with the staff, the dental office, and making them feel comfortable and at ease. The first dental visit is not about treatment right away, but they will undergo a comprehensive dental exam so we can determine your child’s current oral health. Dr. Timothy Hardy will check the condition of your child’s teeth, examine their bite, and check for any potential problems in the gums, oral tissues, and jaws. X-rays are taken so that Dr. Timothy Hardy will have a full view of your child's current oral health and development. X-rays play an important role in helping Dr. Hardy DDS seeing if the developing teeth are healthy and clean. Dental cleaning and fluoride treatment are sometimes done during the first dental visit and also help them be acquainted with the tool and how some dental treatment works. The appointment can also include discussions with your child which covers the healthcare basics, goals, or we’ll answer any questions you or your child has about the treatment.

Common Topics Addressed During the First Dental Visit

  • Oral hygiene habits for cavity prevention
  • Oral habits that need to be discussed such as thumb sucking, nail-biting
  • Nutrition
  • Parent expectations and role
  • Tools and Technology
  • Frequency of dental checkup
  • Milestones to look out for
  • Fluoride needs and education
  • Nutrition
  • Dental Checkup frequency
  • Teeth eruption schedules

The Parental Role

Parents play a crucial role in helping their child to develop a good oral hygiene that can be brought with them until they grow old. How they perceive their oral health starts during the first few years of their life and these habits can last for a lifetime. Poor oral hygiene and lack of a proper diet can increase the chance of developing cavities in their permanent teeth. If their primary teeth have cavities, the chance of having cavities in their permanent teeth will be high. The good news is that you can prevent these from happening through preventive oral health care. Dr. Timothy Hardy will assist and collaborate with you to provide an effective oral hygiene habit early on so that your child’s teeth will be healthy, and strong for years to come. Parents also serve as role models for their children and they should lead by example. Brushing their teeth should be shown as an important part of their daily hygiene. Children who follow your instructions should be rewarded with praise and affection. They learn best and follow their patients. The psychological and mental development of the child also affects the oral health of the children; therefore, as patients, you should provide a caring, and positive environment that can greatly affect how they perceive things, especially when brushing their teeth.

Your child still needs supervision even after you taught them how to brush and floss their teeth properly. In fact, parents should lead and supervise their oral hygiene habits until they are nine years of age. For the first two years, patients are advised to brush their teeth as they cannot properly do it at this age. It also helps them to make a good impression about brushing their teeth. When they turn three years old, they can brush their teeth on their own; however, supervision is still needed and you need to brush their teeth again to make sure you get rid of any food particles in the hard-to-reach areas until the age of six. Continue with the supervision until they are nine years old. More about Hardy Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics office.

First Pediatric Dentist Visit at Hardy Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

Parents should always be open about their experiences with their child's oral care. Feel free to tell us about the challenges you’ve encountered when taking care of your child’s teeth. The more we know about it, the more we can accurately help you. Also, don’t forget to bring your child to our office for a dental exam and to clean their teeth. Dr. Timothy Hardy and her staff can provide a healthy relationship with your child, monitor the child’s development, and teach the ways to prevent cavities and tooth decay. We want to create a dental home for your child - a place where they will be always welcomed and comfortable when visiting. Schedule an Appointment!

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