Laser dentistry - painless

What is laser dentistry?


Laser dentistry uses lasers for treatment of a variety of dental conditions. The laser creates a narrow, focused beam of light energy that is used to remove and shape tissue. It provides a pain-free treatment for hard and soft tissue procedures.

Dr. Nam Hardy is proud to offer the latest in dental technology with laser dentistry as one of the few dentists in Colorado that can offer this advanced, minimally invasive option for treating oral health problems. Laser dentistry has accomplished what dentists and scientists have been trying to achieve for years - a drill-free and shot-free cavity procedure. The laser allows dentists to treat patients without injections in 99 percent of the cases. This results in a much less traumatic experience for children. Young patients can get their treatment at a fraction of the time that they were used to, like traditional drills. Laser dentistry is comfortable, and you don't have to wait for hours to feel your face again. That numb feeling after a cavity treatment can be bothersome to children. Moreover, kids will enjoy going to their dentist more as they think that the laser is cool! Available Treatments.

What are the benefits?

Our patients have mostly preferred laser dentistry over traditional methods. The heat, vibration, and pressure are some of the few reasons for pain associated with the use of conventional methods such as dental drills. Also, the sound of the drill can increase anxiety, particularly in younger patients. Cutting the hard and soft tissues with the use of a laser does not generate vibration, heat, or pressure. Many dental procedures through laser dentistry require fewer shots of dental anesthesia, less use of the drill, and no more numb lips!

Laser dentistry is an effective treatment over traditional dentistry because of the following reasons:

Eliminate the pain. In some situations, lasers do not need anesthesia. The lasers seal the nerve endings; thus, the patient will only feel slight pain.

Ease anxiety. Dental drills are one of the reasons people don't go to the dentist. The sound of it alone can send anyone running through the doors and away from the office. Lasers are silent and more comforting than drills.

Minimize swelling and bleeding. During the soft tissue treatments, the lasers will seal the blood vessels; thus, encouraging immediate blood clot.

No need for stitches. As the laser passes through the soft tissues, it immediately cauterizes it, so no need for stitches.

Increased precision. Lasers allow the dentist to limit the trauma to the area to be treated. It spares the surrounding tissues from inadvertent damage.

Reduce the risks of infections. Lasers sterilize the area immediately during the treatment.

Faster regeneration and healing. This happens due to the reduced bleeding, trauma, and risk of infection.

When is it used?

Hardy Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics offers modern dental care to the community of Lakewood, Colorado. Laser dentistry has been around since the 1990s and is still being perfected up to this day. Laser therapy has been known to provide better clinical results at a short amount of treatment times. It also reduces the discomfort and eliminates the need for invasive types of therapy.

Our laser tissue treatment is highly versatile, and it can be used for the following:


  • Treating hot and cold sensitivity by sealing the tubules at the root of the tooth.
  • Find the cavities in the subsurface without the need for x-rays and traditional probing tools.
  • Disinfect the cavity before filling.
  • Fix a gummy smile.
  • Recontour the bone and gum tissue to expose a healthier tooth surface. This helps to develop a stronger foundation in tooth restoration placement.
  • Correct the limited tongue movement in babies and children, called tongue-tie and lip-tie.
  • Repair speech problems caused by problems in the tongue.
  • Remove the soft tissue folds created by ill-fitting dentures.
  • Remove the benign tumors painlessly, including the cheeks, palate, lips, and gums.
  • Decrease the time needed for a teeth whitening procedure to deliver its expected results.
  • Regular and deep cleanings and to get rid of tartar.

Who is it for?

Laser dentistry works for most patients and many conditions, but it may not work for everyone. Lasers are useful in situations where the dentist will need to shape a filling, adjust the bite, or polish a completed filling and other uses.

However, dental drills can be more effective than lasers in these cases:


  • working with old fillings.
  • preparing the tooth for the dental crown.

Laser dentistry cost

The price for laser dentistry treatment varies depending on the procedure. Oftentimes it can be covered at least partially as dental insurance covers specific treatments or procedures regardless of whether it is performed by scalpel, drill, or laser. 

Dr. Nam does not upcharge for fillings treated with a laser. She specifically uses lasers as a tool to help children get through dental procedures in the most comfortable, non-invasive and Positive way possible.

Laser dentistry in Lakewood, CO - Hardy Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

If you want to learn more about the benefits of laser dentistry and what it can do to your health, your smile, or you'd like to set up an appointment, contact our Lakewood office near you and Schedule an appointment. Parents can also find additional information about laser dentistry by reading the Consumer Guide to Dentistry's discussion on the future of treatment and dental lasers.

Laser Dentistry FAQs

Is Laser Dentistry painful?

No, dental laser treatment is usually quite comfortable and in most cases, no anesthetic is required. Laser dentistry uses heat and light to perform a variety of dental treatments with precision and minimal invasiveness. Our Office

Is laser dentistry covered by insurance?

Yes, often it is, as dental insurance covers specific treatments or procedures regardless of whether it is performed by scalpel, drill, or laser. Meet our Pediatric Dentist Dr. Nam

Can dental lasers remove old filling?

Yes, dental lasers can be used to remove old fillings in addition to other treatments such as removing decay or lesions, treating gum disease, and whitening teeth. Our Location


Laser Dentistry Near Me

Picking a dentist convenient to where you live or work or go to school is essential when you are trying to save time and money. There may be a few treatment or follow up appointments in addition to routine visits later. Having your dental office in nearby Lakewood, CO will make things easier.

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