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Traditional metal braces are the tried and tested method for straightening and correcting the alignment of teeth. It was the first orthodontic treatment introduced for this purpose. These are comprised of stainless steel or titanium alloys that are designed to be strong, durable, and be able to resist corrosion. It uses metallic archwire, brackets, orthodontic ligatures or bands that apply pressure to correct and straighten even the most severe cases of misaligned, crowded, or crooked teeth.

How much are Metal Braces in Lakewood?

Traditional braces cost less than other types of braces but that doesn't mean that it isn't the best treatment. These types of braces focus on correcting oral health problems as fast as possible which is why it is made of high-quality, durable materials which is a disadvantage to some especially if they want a more invisible type of treatment. They usually cost about $3,000 to $ 7,500

List of Costs for Metallic Braces:

  • They usually cost between $3,000 to $ 7,500
  • Early consultation cost that ranges between $100 - $200
  • X-rays are important and in most cases can cost between $60 - 150

How much are Metal Braces with and without insurance?

Traditional braces with insurance can save about . The cost for metal braces without insurance is about $3,000 to $7000. Payment plans usually start at $69 per month.
NOTE: Our office Hardy Orthodontics offers a free consultation and x-rays, as well as includes retainers in the treatment cost. Get all of the details and more about traditional braces OR if you’re near, Schedule a consultation to learn more.

Why isn't there a set cost of conventional braces, but a typical price range instead?

The cost of traditional braces treatment will depend on the complexity of the patient's case and where you'll be getting the treatment from. The more complex the case, the more the treatment will cost a lot.

Does the price include retainers?

The cost provided with your metal braces treatment will include retainers. Retainers are used after metal braces treatment to keep the work together done by the braces.

Is it a good investment?

The main advantage of all types of braces is a cosmetic benefit. Nowadays, this is a perfectly good use of our hard-earned cash. But these aren't just for making you look good. When your bite is corrected, it is easier to brush and floss the teeth which later avoids cavities, gingivitis, and the costs associated with treating them.

Ways to Save more money

Metal braces may seem purely aesthetic for a more attractive smile, but that’s not always the case. Crooked teeth can cause dental problems in the long run. There are several programs to decrease the pricing of orthodontics or spread it out over time. If you’re looking for ways to save on metallic braces, consider the following:

  • Insurance Friendly Practice
    Most insurance providers today can cover dental alignment therapy and braces including metal braces. Expect to be paying a portion of your bill but it makes a huge difference when the total cost of your treatment is reduced. Hardy Orthodontics accepts many types of insurance. We will also file any insurance on your behalf. Unsure about what your plan covers? We will check what your benefits have on offer and handle all the insurance paperwork to ensure your benefits are maximized.
  • Government Loans and Programs
    Medicare and Medicaid won't pay for metallic braces. Medicare is intended for patients at least 65 years old and will only cover emergency-related dental costs. There is a small chance that it can cover braces through Medicaid or Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in your state particularly for orthodontics for kids. If you want to pay for this through Medicaid your children may only be eligible or it may only be during an emergency.
  • Flexible Spending Account - FSA
    FSA will deduct a set amount of pretax money to be put into this account and be spent purely on healthcare costs. These are only available through the employer offering such an option, but the good news is that many employers are offering it as a part of their employee benefits package. These are easy to use with a debit card and can be accessed anytime. Take note that funds in this account will not roll over to the next year, so make sure to use it all up before this year ends. You can learn more about FSA’s here.
  • Health savings account - HSA
    HSA is similar to FSA wherein you'll be deducted a set amount of pretax income to cover for healthcare costs not paid by your insurance. The difference with HSA over FSA is that funds in HSA can roll over next year; however, you'll need a high-deductible insurance premium to avail this. Moreover, contributions are tax-deductible. Make sure to talk to both your doctor's office and your benefits representative because you may be able to pay your doctor for this particular service and be reimbursed from your FSA or HSA. The benefits provider may also be able to pay your doctor directly. Find out more about HSAs.
  • Affordable Treatments at Dental Schools
    Have a look at the dental schools near you as most of these will offer discounted dental services. These offer discounts on services because the ones who will be performing are students. These students have board-certified dentists nearby to ensure quality service.
  • Can you Afford In-House Payment Plans & Financing?
    Most offices will offer monthly payment plans so you won't need to pay for the cost of your bill at once. You can always ask the dental office about their in-house payment plans to see what they got on offer. Your oral health is just as important to us. But the dental costt is what usually put most people off their needed treatment. We want to help you avoid this dilemma by offering the best options or assistance in paying for your dental services. We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Master Card, and American Express. We also work with outside finance providers like: CareCredit, GreenSkyCredit, and the Lending Club.

Lakewood Braces Cost Near Me

To learn more about us, the insurance carriers we accept, and other metal braces cost information, schedule an appointment with us. Our caring team is excited to meet you and help you get a brighter, healthier smile. We also offer lingual braces and clear aligners.


In Lakewood Are metal braces worth it?

A great smile can improve your confidence, and that's how traditional metal braces can not only improve your bite but your overall health as well. Metallic braces are made of strong, durable materials which will help improve your bite quickly.

Picking a dentist convenient to where you live or work or go to school is essential when you are trying to save time and money. There may be a few treatments or follow-up appointments in addition to routine visits later. Having your dental office nearby will make things easier. Look for a specialist with excellent reviews for lingual braces and one you feel comfortable with.


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