5 Reasons Patients Choose Invisalign Treatment

Published on January 5, 2021, Updated on January 27, 2022

Invisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment that straightens the teeth in the most discreet way possible. This is one of the reasons patients prefer this over other orthodontic treatments – however, it’s not just being discreet that makes this the most popular orthodontic treatment to date.

We asked several patients who have undergone Invisalign treatment and these are the five common reasons why they love Invisalign. Read more about Cost for dental braces and Invisalign Cost Price.


One of the reasons they love this treatment is that it doesn’t have metal brackets and wires showing up when they talk or smile. The metallic brackets and wires on their teeth are one of the reasons they don’t want their teeth aligned for they fear being teased on. A more discreet appearance of these invisible aligners will be harder to determine if they are wearing one.


These clear, plastic aligners are more comfortable to wear than metal braces. Metal brackets rub inside the lips and cheeks that can cause pain, sores, and could possibly scrape the surface of your mouth.

There are remedies for the pain and the metal brackets scraping off such as using a dental wax or taking pain killers. But isn’t it better if it doesn’t happen in the first place?

Invisalign doesn’t have metal wires or brackets that could pick or scrape your mouth. Learn more about what’s involved with Invisalign Aligners and kids clear braces.

Eat at Your Hearts Content

If you have metal braces, you’ll be limited to eating only foods that won’t cause pain or break the dental appliance. You’ll be limited to eating only soft foods and are not allowed to eat hard foods. Sometimes, these food restrictions make the patients feel like they are being punished.

With transparent aligners, you can eat whatever you like without worrying about your diet. The aligners can be removed when you eat and bring it back after eating and cleaning your teeth.

Stay in Sports

Patients often avoid the much-needed orthodontic treatment because they think it could affect their performance in sports. Also, they heard news of someone who is active in sports and has braces that have their faces ripped open when the brackets or wires broke and poked hard at their mouth.

While this rarely happens, patients prefer to be on the safe side. However, with these invisible, clear aligners you can stow it away when participating in sports and you won’t worry about it injuring you or affecting your performance. Checkout all the Mistakes to Avoid before starting an Invisalign Treatment.

Know Why choose Invisalign treatment?

Have a Better Oral Hygiene

With traditional braces, the metal brackets and wires are around on the teeth which makes it harder to clean. You’ll need special interdental brushes to clean the in between the brackets and teeth. If you’re not that thorough, cavities will develop over time which can later cause tooth decay. Then when these are removed, the teeth may have accumulated stains, plaque, and can even show early signs of gingivitis.

Invisalign solves this problem since these can be removed. This ensures that you won’t use special brushes to clean these. You can brush as you brush your teeth.

There are many other reasons people choose Invisalign over traditional methods. This is the best option if you don’t want to feel embarrassed wearing those metallic straighteners and a perfect choice if you hate doing a lot of maintenance to your teeth.

Read: 5 Mistakes to avoid before Invisalign Treatment.


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