Oral Hygiene Best Practices for Healthy Teeth

Our goal at Hardy Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics is to maintain a happy and healthy smile throughout your orthodontic treatment, and this relies heavily on your dedication to proper oral hygiene. We provide patients with the education needed, but you’ll have to be committed to doing the work in between visits to get the desired […]

Avoid these mistakes before Invisalign treatment

Because of the advancements in dentistry, we can have a beautiful smile without suffering from the disadvantages of traditional braces. One of the reasons Invisalign is the best treatment to correct the alignment of the teeth is that it doesn’t use metal brackets and wires that show up when you talk or smile which is […]

How is a Regular Teeth Specialist Different from a Pedodontist

A common question parents ask is if they can take their child to their specialist. The short answer is no since your child has different oral healthcare needs than you. That is why we have pedodontist in the first place. Not all specialists are the same. An orthodontist, for example, is different from an endodontist […]

What Happens if a Bracket on the Braces Comes Off

When the brackets of your braces are broken, it can be an inconvenience. It can be one of the scariest things you have to deal with during your treatment program. Fortunately, fixing it is not that hard and it is not a cause for immediate concern. Here we’ll discuss what causes the brackets to break, […]

Post-braces orthodontic appointment

Now that you have the braces removed, you have a straight, beautiful smile that you think you no longer need the assistance of orthodontists. This is where you’re wrong. You’ll need regular visits to your orthodontist to keep your teeth and smile from looking great. Regular Follow-ups are Essential When your braces have come off, […]

Food and Snacks that Are Causing Cavity to Your Child’s Teeth

Kids love candies, but the problem is too much of it can affect their oral health. Candies are responsible for damaging your child’s teeth as it contains sugar. Sugar is known for causing cavities and tooth decay in children. But it is not just the sweets that are causing cavities. Through regular brushing and flossing, […]

6 Ways To Get Your Braces Off Faster

You won’t be wearing braces for the rest of your life. One day your orthodontist will remove that metal on your teeth which reveals the perfect teeth that you patiently and religiously worked hard for. Unfortunately, there are times where you’ll be wearing it for longer than the specified time frame. If you want to […]

5 Reasons Patients Choose Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment that straightens the teeth in the most discreet way possible. This is one of the reasons patients prefer this over other orthodontic treatments – however, it’s not just being discreet that makes this the most popular orthodontic treatment to date. We asked several patients who have undergone Invisalign […]

What To Expect When First Getting Braces

Now that you’ve decided to get braces, the thought of visiting your dental professional for that treatment can be intimidating at first, but knowing what to expect can help take your worries and anxieties away. Here are some things you can expect when getting clear braces: It is a painless treatment. Expect that you won’t […]

Getting Braces Put On: What To Expect On The Big Day

Getting braces is the first step to achieving straighter teeth. There’s nothing to be scared about getting the braces put on, and it shouldn’t be a daunting experience especially if you know what to expect. In this article, we’ll help you understand how the dental braces process works, and what to expect on the day […]